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The game changer, Part 2 | The sound of silence

Three months ago, I wrote the first installment of an ode to the camera that has become a game changer to my photography—the Fuji X100.  I have hesitated writing this concluding installment because… Continue reading

From monochrome to Kodachrome

  With spring finally emerging from the long and dragged out winter, Chicagoans have been taking advantage of the warming weather.  No more evident was this than this weekend as people bathed themselves… Continue reading

No mask

  I get bored easily. I was explaining to someone yesterday that I have an intense need to pursue many activities and interests, for if I myself were to be a one-track, singleminded… Continue reading

“Life’s like a box of chocolates . . . “

Magnum photographer Martin Parr once said, “All photography is propaganda.”  While that much is true to some respect, I wish to make an exception here.  Before I go further, I want to make… Continue reading

The winter then

I recall two months ago in December how excited I was that winter had arrived, so much so that I was out photographing almost daily.  More joyful days those were.  Now, however, like… Continue reading

Of burgers and beer

Street photography is an art of extremes in many ways.  As such, it can be hit or miss.  There are days on which I feel not enough memory cards in the world exist… Continue reading

Flurrying in the Loop

For some people, the sight of falling snow illicits polar reactions of either staying indoors all warm and cozy or heading outdoor for wintry fun.  I prefer the latter, and especially when a… Continue reading

There and back again

After three weeks of being stranded at a desolate town that I can only describe as an unworldly ignorant mashup between “Jersey Shore,” “Duck Dynasty,” and “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo,” I have… Continue reading

35mm glass, snow, and gluhwein

It felt great to hit the streets again with my lenses, and as much as I enjoy hunting for light at night as I have been in my past few outings, It was… Continue reading

A cold reality

All doubt of winter’s arrival vanished today as the sharp cold sub-20° F air  swept through the Chicago streets downtown.   Despite this, Chicagoans—being no strangers to such conditions—were out in full force… Continue reading

Midnight hunting

Originally, I had planned on spending this weekend at home, resting and working at my leisure on my couch.  It has been a particularly long and wearing week—or rather several weeks—with inundating and… Continue reading