About me

IMG_0095The great philosopher Ben Kenobi once said, “Who’s the more foolish?  The fool or the fool who follows him?”  Be mindful of that should you choose to follow me.  Especially if into a Scottish pub.

My name is Khoa A. Dao.  My greatest fear is being ordinary.  A result of rejecting the banal and mundane, I have followed a less than conventional path in my life.  When I am not reading court cases and patents or practicing counter-attacks on the fencing strip, I am roaming around downtown Chicago somewhere with a camera in hand.  That is how this blog originally stood, as a page to display my photographic works and write of my experience in creating them.

Over time, however, I found myself digressing into other topics such as my fixation on single-malt whisky and my abhorrence of Lollapalooza.  After launching a new dedicated photography website in November 2015, I decided to refurbish this blog and convert it into a forum where I can go into broader discussions.