Okay . . . let’s try this blogging thing again.

The end of June has become a time of reflection to me, as it was in late June 2010 that planted myself in what would to become my soul’s home: Chicago. Seven year onward, I cannot imagine being anywhere else.


One thing that I had often blogged about (way back before my inexplicable one and a half year hiatus from is the constant of change. I had touched upon this in my June 2015 reflections on the fifth anniversary of my move to Chicago, stating something to the effect that 2015-Khoa would have literally–not figuratively–kicked 2010-Khoa in the ass, threw him into the Chicago River, and then toast a glass of Laphroaig in good riddance. It is the middle of 2017, and while I am still drinking Laphroaig religiously and am prone to kicking past-Khoa literally in the ass, I want to say that I have grown from 2015-Khoa. Less so revolutionary but more so evolutionary.

The obvious problem of having not blogged in well over a year is that it can be a bit overwhelming and covfefe in describing all that has happened since I last wrote here in February 2016. Therefore, instead, I am going to do what some television series have done and do a time jump in the narrative timeline–or in this case, just starting off in the present. All that has happened in the past year and half will either be touched upon through flashbacks in future postings hereafter or be left for you to intelligently extrapolate through inductive reasoning.

Being the visual artist that I am, though, no blog post would be complete without a series of photographs. In this post to kick off my return to regular blogging, I leave you with clues and teasers of what I have been up to in my life since last year.

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Image credit: Zoya Abdikulova

FullSizeRender 2


Image credit: Theresa Stoodley


Image credit: Stefanie Engstrom