Midnight hunting

Originally, I had planned on spending this weekend at home, resting and working at my leisure on my couch.  It has been a particularly long and wearing week—or rather several weeks—with inundating and stressful work from my daytime responsibilities taking a toll on my body and mind.  Of course, I do have various outlets for such conditions, from cooking to carpentry to fencing to photography.  In fact, as often possible, I make it a point to attend fencing practice on Friday evenings a premier epee club here in Chicago, Windy City Fencing.  However, what I really need is just simple rest.  So yesterday I decided to lay down arms and consign myself to spend my Friday evening catching up on reading instead.

Not long into last evening, though, I got bored.  By the time I had realised this, it was too late to grab my blades and head off to Windy City.  I had already eaten dinner, and I did not feel like building anything out of wood.  Ergo, I grabbed my street shooter, attached a 35mm f/2 to it, and set out downtown for a midnight hunt for light.

I particularly enjoy shooting on the streets late at night.  There is something mystical and tranquil about it, yet so challenging.  As with daytime street photography, there are so many uncertainties; I consider myself fortunate if I come back with even just ONE usable photo.  Chicago, makes it a bit easier, however.  One of the many great things about this city is that you can be in a completely desolate area in town and need venture only a few blocks to find pub crawlers and Jersey Shore wannabe clubbers swarming the sidewalks.  (Why anyone would want to be the latter is beyond my comprehension.)

I focused more on the quieter areas around the Chicago Loop last night.  Usually, I quite enjoy photographing drunkards as they hop from one bar to another.  It is in a drunken and disinhibited state that many show a more interesting side to themselves, especially when a lens is facing them.  But this can get tiring and annoying in itself.  I was not at all in any mood to spend my evening at a loud and crowded bar let alone face loud drunks out in the streets.  No.  Rather, I wanted to enjoy the sound of silence while searching for interesting light peaking out from the darkness.

My hunt last night was a success with a few good frames shown below.  It almost makes me want to head back out tonight.  But I won’t.  Tonight, I am really going to listen to my tired self and stay in my flat.  It is raining out, though that has not stopped me in the past.  I also have a pot of cari bo (Vietnamese beef curry) stewing on the stove and a few pints of craft beer from Revolution Brewery that demands my attention tonight.

Street 20131115 001

Street 20131115 008

Street 20131115 007

Street 20131115 002

Street 20131115 004

Street 20131115 006

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