Flurrying in the Loop

Loop 20140118 005

For some people, the sight of falling snow illicits polar reactions of either staying indoors all warm and cozy or heading outdoor for wintry fun.  I prefer the latter, and especially when a weather map reveals a massive snow storm charging across Chicago.  When such occurs, by reflex along with an overcoat, thick scarf, and waterproof boots, I will grab a lens and camera.

Loop 20140118 007

Despite being god awfully bloody bored during my three-week detention in Ohio, I still have yet to finish editing a photo set from a mid-December’s day of shooting out in the middle of a snow storm.  Perhaps it was fear of seeing images of Chicago compared to the desolate view out of my Youngstown window exacerbating my geographical melancholy that prevented me from editing that set.  Of course, the “polar vortex” from a fortnight ago vastly overshadows those photos.  I still regret not having the opportunity to photograph steam rising from Lake Michigan as a result of the much colder air vaporizing the relatively warmer lake water.

Loop 20140118 017

I really should stop taking “selfies”

Today, however, I was out in full spirit and excitement.  The great thing about photographing in the Loop is that while the background is familiar and constant, no one image can ever be the same.  Scenes in downtown Chicago are as dynamic as human beings, and even more so when Mother Nature throws in something such as snow.

Loop 20140118 014

The snow kept on falling, and I kept on shooting.  Some people seemed agitated and annoyed as they slogged though the slippery slush gathering on the sidewalks; I myself slipped and fell flat on my arse and back while walking down the stairs to the Riverwalk—I am safe and okay, though it brought back horrible flashbacks of ice skating.  Other Chicagoans, though, appeared to be kids trapped in adult bodies, acting as though this was the first snow of the season.  That is what I love about snow; it has the ability bring out the more fun and cheerful side of people.  Of course, one can say the same about whiskey, but that analysis is for another time.  St. Patrick’s Day, perhaps.

All images © K. Dao Photography 2014, all rights reserved.