A cold reality

Downtown 20131206 007

All doubt of winter’s arrival vanished today as the sharp cold sub-20° F air  swept through the Chicago streets downtown.   Despite this, Chicagoans—being no strangers to such conditions—were out in full force as though it was business as usual.  Indeed, I myself was out and about with my lens as though it was business as usual, that is if business as usual involves being dressed like it is 1943 and I am about to invade Finland.  I must admit, a long, thick double-breasted wool overcoat and thick knitted scarf are not the most discrete things to wear to go out photographing people on the streets.  A street photographer should be able to blend in and take the shot without being noticed.  Then again, this being Chicago, I was not exactly the only one who looked like an extra from “The Hunt for Red October.”  So perhaps an overcoat is not too noticeable to be a hinderance.   And at least it certainly keeps me warm.   I may have to rely on it more when shooting on the streets in the coming months if today is any indication and if my friend is correct in his prediction that this shall be a bitter cold and harsh winter.  We shall see.

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