En garde, prêt, souriez!

IMG_0304 - Version 2

From the 2011 Burton Open, shooting as a hobbyist then. Ironically, the fencer fleching on the right is the daughter of the subject of the portraits I made last night below.

While I make photographs wholeheartedly for artistic purposes, in the course of doing so I do also offer my services for a commission when called upon.  The art of photography became a part-time profession for me with fencing several years back when various individuals—both fencers and spectators alike—expressed an interest in purchasing prints from me.  Gradually, what started out as recreationally bringing a dilapidated Canon Powershot S2 IS point-and-shoot camera to fencing tournaments years ago evolved into K. Dao Photography of today.

Due to such swashbuckling beginnings, my current clientele is derived mainly from the fencing community in some degree.  My works for paying clients, however, have had very little to do with the sport; instead, they varied from party events to engagement portraits to fashion catalogue shoots.  That change last night, however, after doing a commissioned portrait shoot that brings my work full circle:  fencing themed headshots for a fellow fencer and local part-time actress and model.

S Rose 20140115 004

S Rose 20140115 001

There is but one consequence to my latest work here, nonetheless.  As with many photographers afflicted with the same debilitating and addictive plight, I find myself now wanting more.  More fencing-themed shoots off the strip, and more fencing photos with the one piece of gear that I cannot and would use during an actual bout: a Speedlite.

S Rose 20140115 003

S Rose 20140115 002

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