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The Christmas spirit awakens

On the risk of sounding like Charlie Brown, I have not been feeling fully immersed in the Christmas spirit this year as I have previously.  Which is unfortunate as this is my absolutely… Continue reading


Fencing can be a difficult subject matter to photograph.  There are the obvious technical challenges that are present in sports photography in general: capturing fast action at the critical decisive moments, poor lighting, having… Continue reading

The April void

My last entry here was on the final day of March.  It is now the beginning of May, and I am left utterly flabbergasted at how April warped by so damn fast.  Where… Continue reading

Windy City SYC Day 3 | Once more unto the light

I will admit that by the third day of the Windy City Fencing SYC five weeks ago, I was utterly exhausted.  As much as I love doing what I do with a camera… Continue reading

Windy City Fencing SYC 2015, Day 2 | The light strikes back

It has been four weeks since the Windy City Fencing SYC.  Since then, I had been culling and editing the large volume of photographs I made, one day at a time.  I had… Continue reading

Windy City SYC 2015, Day 1 | The suffering of light

I sincerely hope that I do not offended Mr. Alex Webb by subtitling this post after one of his books.  Regular readers here know that I make no attempts to hide the fact that… Continue reading

SYC debriefing

It has been three days since I wrapped up perhaps the longest and most physically demanding shoot I have done to date: the first Windy City Fencing Super Youth Circuit (SYC).  While two-day… Continue reading

The story of the 2014 Remenyik

Photography is a type of communication.  It is a method through which the creator of an image conveys some message.  Whether it is a simple snapshot to act as a reminder note, a… Continue reading

Only human

After a five month hiatus, I finally returned to the fencing scene this weekend photographing the two-day Remenyik Regional Open Circuit tournament at Northwestern University.  Although the new fencing season began months ago,… Continue reading

The hipster wilderness and a ghost of fencing past

As I had written in my last post, “Sabres to the right of them, sabres to the left of them,” shooting the 2014 Korfanty Sabre World Cup two weekends ago was on of… Continue reading

Sabres to the right of them, sabres to the left of them

It relieves me after days of sheer chaos that I finally have some time to sit down with a glass of Glenfiddich and finally write of my experience over the weekend past.  As… Continue reading

Korfanty countdown

UPDATE (11 May 2014): View some of THIS YEAR’S Korfanty photos via my post, “Sabres to the right of them, sabres to the left of them.” Despite the fact that the Korfanty Sabre… Continue reading

A sabre throwback

  For the past two years, Chicago has had the honours of hosting the Korfanty Sabre World Cup event: in June 2012 at Navy Pier and in May 2013 at the University of… Continue reading

Horsing about | Day 2: Advance retreat

The weekend past saw three days of profuse photographic activity spanning four locations, four cameras, five lenses, two eyes, and one photographer of questionable sanity.  Because of how extensive that weekend was, I… Continue reading

“It distresses us to return work which is not perfect”

The late Peter O’Toole once brought in a beloved jacket to the cleaners to remove the Guinness, blood, and marmalade stains from a night out drinking.  After a week or so, the cleaners… Continue reading