Shall not have died in vain

We live in rather odd times where the current political and social climate seems to shame any sense of patriotism and pride in this country.  I often try to remain silent, or if anything… Continue reading

The game changer, Part 1 | A poor man’s Leica

In the first installment of my Lunar New Year trilogy two months ago, I mentioned a “game changer” in my photographic arsenal.  I often do not like to discuss camera gear because I do not… Continue reading

The April void

My last entry here was on the final day of March.  It is now the beginning of May, and I am left utterly flabbergasted at how April warped by so damn fast.  Where… Continue reading

Into the wild green yonder

There are four holidays throughout the year I look forward to the most: Christmas, Thanksgiving, Tết, and St. Patrick’s Day.  My fondness for St. Pat’s derives from several factors, ranging from my appreciation… Continue reading

Lunar New Year 2015, Part 3 | Close enough

It is well established on this blog that I have a tendency to get in as close as possible to the subjects I frame through my camera.  This sometimes result in rather close calls… Continue reading

The worth of one photograph

There is much that I wish to and shall cover in the next several entries, from the conclusion of my Lunar New Year trilogy to the St. Patrick’s Day weekend celebrations in Chicago that… Continue reading

Lunar New Year 2015, Part 2 | Dim sum and dragons

Recalling back to Part 1 of this Lunar New Year trilogy, a few Saturdays ago I found myself almost getting battered by a dancing lion during the Tết celebrations at the Vietnamese community on… Continue reading

Lunar New Year 2015, Part 1 | Lionfall

Tomorrow, 5 March 2015, will mark the end of the Lunar New Year celebration (or Tết in my familial tongue of Vietnamese) that began fifteen days ago on 19 February.  Just like last… Continue reading

Windy City SYC Day 3 | Once more unto the light

I will admit that by the third day of the Windy City Fencing SYC five weeks ago, I was utterly exhausted.  As much as I love doing what I do with a camera… Continue reading

Windy City Fencing SYC 2015, Day 2 | The light strikes back

It has been four weeks since the Windy City Fencing SYC.  Since then, I had been culling and editing the large volume of photographs I made, one day at a time.  I had… Continue reading

Weekend zen

Life is about balance.  From the physiological process of homeostasis to emotional and mental stability, balance is a necessity to a human being.  That is why the weekend before last, despite being in… Continue reading

Windy City SYC 2015, Day 1 | The suffering of light

I sincerely hope that I do not offended Mr. Alex Webb by subtitling this post after one of his books.  Regular readers here know that I make no attempts to hide the fact that… Continue reading

SYC debriefing

It has been three days since I wrapped up perhaps the longest and most physically demanding shoot I have done to date: the first Windy City Fencing Super Youth Circuit (SYC).  While two-day… Continue reading

The story of the 2014 Remenyik

Photography is a type of communication.  It is a method through which the creator of an image conveys some message.  Whether it is a simple snapshot to act as a reminder note, a… Continue reading

Twenty six point two

I prefer individual sports over team sports.  This is due in part to my own maverick personality.  To that, however, I also hold much higher respect to the human spirit and qualities of… Continue reading