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On assignment in Green Lake, Wisconsin

I am glad to say that normal programing is resuming here at K. Dao Photography.  My hiatus from the blogsphere has been due in part to a visit from family earlier in the… Continue reading

The raincoats of MONTANAMILAN

Nine months ago, in one of my very early posts, “Fencing and fashion shoots,” I made mention of a standing client who commissioned me for work on her boutique’s catalogue.  Ms. Carmen Fredrick… Continue reading

Scènes à faire

Someone once asked me if I ever get tired of photographing around downtown Chicago.  “Never,” I quickly responded.  Chicago, or any large city for that matter, is like going to a theater showing… Continue reading

North by northeast and west

I wish I had more time and resources to travel.  To explore the unfamiliar is a tenet of human existence.  Through exploration, an individual transcends from a previous level of thought, knowledge, and experience to… Continue reading

The road to Kenowhere

In a few hours, I will once again be on the road traveling out of Illinois.  Mercifully, not Ohio but rather Michigan.  Traveling with me will be a contingent of my fencing buddies. … Continue reading

Themes out of randomness

Although street photography is often wrought out of spontaneity and randomness, there is usually some theme of sorts that ties the frames together from a day out shooting.  I wish I can declare a more… Continue reading

Knowing no fear

Once again, I have found myself a predicament all too common to myself.  I have been spending much more time out and about photographing than sitting at my desk and processing the resulting… Continue reading

Of portraits and steak

I was back out “on assignment” again this weekend.  Instead of my usual stomping grounds of a gymnasium filled with the sounds of epee blades clashing and fencers screaming, I found myself on… Continue reading

The hipster wilderness and a ghost of fencing past

As I had written in my last post, “Sabres to the right of them, sabres to the left of them,” shooting the 2014 Korfanty Sabre World Cup two weekends ago was on of… Continue reading

Sabres to the right of them, sabres to the left of them

It relieves me after days of sheer chaos that I finally have some time to sit down with a glass of Glenfiddich and finally write of my experience over the weekend past.  As… Continue reading

Korfanty countdown

UPDATE (11 May 2014): View some of THIS YEAR’S Korfanty photos via my post, “Sabres to the right of them, sabres to the left of them.” Despite the fact that the Korfanty Sabre… Continue reading

A sabre throwback

  For the past two years, Chicago has had the honours of hosting the Korfanty Sabre World Cup event: in June 2012 at Navy Pier and in May 2013 at the University of… Continue reading

From monochrome to Kodachrome

  With spring finally emerging from the long and dragged out winter, Chicagoans have been taking advantage of the warming weather.  No more evident was this than this weekend as people bathed themselves… Continue reading


For the first time in a good bloody while, I managed to retreat from my desk, my MacBook, and my work for a little bit the other day on Tuesday and escaped to… Continue reading

No mask

  I get bored easily. I was explaining to someone yesterday that I have an intense need to pursue many activities and interests, for if I myself were to be a one-track, singleminded… Continue reading