The road to Kenowhere

140522 001

In a few hours, I will once again be on the road traveling out of Illinois.  Mercifully, not Ohio but rather Michigan.  Traveling with me will be a contingent of my fencing buddies.  Our purpose for this road trip is not fencing related, however.  Presuming the caravan precession of three cars can somehow rendezvous en route as for some reason we are not all starting from the same point of origin, the seven of us or so are on an epic daylong “beerventure.”  Destination: the New Holland brewery in Holland, Michigan.

This seems to be an applicable time, therefore, to present photos from my last interstate day-trip with similar objectives: Kenosha, Wisconin, or as my friend and fencing referee Stefanie would call it, “Kenowhere.”

140522 002

Over three weeks ago, on very short notice, my friend Calvin (the Betrayer) concocted the idea to drive to somewhere in Wisconsin for lunch, explore a bit, and return with a cargo of New Glarus craft beer (which, to my knowledge, is not available anywhere else).  Ultimately, this fellowship of Wisconsin beer consisted of an inner circle of four friends who just happen to be fencers: Calvin, Stefanie (who suggested Kenowhere), Zoya, and myself.

140522 020

Calvin the Betrayer.

140522 004

Stefanie, destination chooser.

140522 005

Zoya, superstar.

Running the risk of paraphrasing lyrics from the Dubliner’s “The Irish Rover,” on the twenty-second of May Two thousand fourteen, we set road from the suburb of Park Ridge, we were driving away to load up on Wisconsin beer in the hold of Calvin’s Saturn.  The drive to Kenowhere was somewhat of a blur to me, if I’m honest, given the fact that I had been out celebrating a bit too hard the night before at a Scotch bar.  Nevertheless, I slowly recovered my faculties, and given that by default I had a camera with me, I was able to document our travels to a nautical themed pub aptly named “Boat House” for a cheese-rich lunch, a nearby lighthouse and beach, and a coffee house.  We did accomplish our mission of loading up on New Glarus on our way back before crossing the border.  Even more vital, though, we accomplished an objective that I hope to repeat today: we all had a damn good and fun time.

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